Pike Brother Makes National News

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From the Chicago Tribune:

Sometimes the apple does fall a little farther from the tree.

Chester Hanks, a Northwestern University sophomore and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother, is the second son of nice-guy actor Tom Hanks. He’s also an aspiring rapper who rhymes dirty in the vernacular developed by hip-hop artists who grew up with less comfort.

Using the name “Chet Haze,” Hanks has released two singles, one an ode to campus life in Evanston called “White and Purple (Northwestern Remix)” that is a rewrite of rapper Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” It has been criticized for being similar to an earlier “Black and Yellow” rewrite, “White and Purple (NU Anthem 2010)” by Chicago rapper Mo Greene, a 2008 NU graduate.

In Hanks’ lyrics, there’s a reference to “hittin’ blunts after hittin’ books.” There’s also the rhyme: “Hear the neighbors talk, but you know that they be losin’ / I’m trying to walk the walk for the major of my choosin’.”

The second tune, “West Side LA,” was released Thursday on YouTube and at hotnewhiphop.com.

In that pop-tinged ode to Los Angeles living (“just another day on the (expletive) West Side”), Hanks waxes poetic about “smokin’ trees” (joints), sex and his private parts, then tells a woman cheating on her boyfriend with him to “fall back, you mall rat.”

He also boasts: “My style’s like an animal / From here to Panama / My flow got too much stamina / Other MCs they’re just too amateur / So I damage ’em / In the booth with my homeys and my manager.”

Hanks and his manager, a fellow NU student, did not respond to e-mailed interview requests from the Tribune. He told the Daily Northwestern he’s serious about rap, had not heard of Mo Greene before the controversy and has the full support of his family.

In case the MCing doesn’t work out, Hanks does have a fallback position. He’s a theater major, the Daily reported.

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