Message from Gamma Rho Alumni: Gamma Rho In Negotiations to Move Into New House

Below is a statement released by the Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni Association this morning to its members.

Further updates will be provided pending further discussions with  University officials and formal lease negotiations.

On behalf of the Gamma Rho Alumni Association, I am pleased to announce that the Gamma Rho Housing Corporation has entered into negotiations with Northwestern University to move into Goodrich House as the new home of Gamma Rho. The projected timeline for occupation is September of 2013, following finalization of lease terms this fall and structural renovations next summer.

The following is Northwestern University’s official statement:

“Northwestern University has entered into exclusive discussions with Pi Kappa Alpha to establish a new home for the chapter at 2321 Sheridan Road (currently Goodrich Residence Hall) starting in the Fall of 2013. The University is currently working with the chapter’s Housing Corporation and International Headquarters on adapting the facility to meet the fraternity’s needs.”

The Alumni Association would like to take this opportunity to commend Troy Ihlanfeldt (’89) and Paul Huettner (’09) for their dedication and exceptional representation of the chapter as the dialogue with the University has progressed in recent years. Gamma Rho’s current position is an achievement long in the making. Additionally, thank you to Charlie Rimkus (’10) for his contributions to the Housing team.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the many actives and alumni who have helped along the way.

Goodrich Residence Hall

At the core of our drive to obtain a new home for Gamma Rho is a recognition that the actives have excelled in both personal character and their commitment to making Northwestern University a center of excellence. Under the leadership of exemplary Executive Boards, three consecutive Smythe Awards stand as testament to the success of their endeavors. Gamma Rho is now recognized as one of the top chapters in the nation. 

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