Gamma Rho Wins Third Consecutive Smythe Award

From Left: Membership Vice President Matt Liffmann (’11), IFC President Patrick Schnettler (’10), Internal Vice President Vivan Som (’10), President John Cowgill (’11), Internal Rush Czar Dave Richards (’11), Treasurer Will Stark (’11), Vice President of Risk Management Luke Moderhack (’11)

Gamma  Rho  was  awarded  its  3rd   consecutive  Robert  Adger  Smythe  Award  this  past   weekend  at the  68th  Pi Kappa Alpha International   Convention  held  in  Denver,  Colorado.  The  Smythe   Award  is  given  annually  to  the  top  eight  percent  of   Pike  Chapters  in  the  nation  and  recognizes   excellence  in  all  aspects  of  chapter  programming.

Gamma  Rho  won  its  first  Smythe  Award  two   years  ago.  Since  that  win,  Gamma  Rho  has  continued   to  advance  itself  as  one of the  preeminent  fraternities  at   Northwestern.  This  year,  Gamma  Rho  maintained  a   3.31  GPA,  initiated  32  men,  raised  over  $50,000  for   philanthropy,  and  ranked  1st  on  campus  in  athletics.  Gamma  Rho  was  also  one  of  the  few   fraternities  on  campus  with  no  discipline  violations.

“Thanks  to  the  hard  work  of  many  brothers   and  alumni  over  the  past  decade,  Gamma  Rho  is  now one of the top Pike Chapters in the nation,” said  president John Cowgill (’11).

Gamma  Rho  won  a  number  of  other  awards   at  the  convention,  including  the  Raymond  L.  Orions   Excellence  Award,  the  scholarship  award  (top  GPA),   and  the  Athletics  Division  I  award.  The  chapter  also   placed  as  finalists  in  Alumni  Relations  and  New   Member  Education.

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