Gamma Rho Turns 80!

The Gamma Rho Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha celebrates their 80th anniversary of its installation back on February 6th, 1931. See the letter from International President, Kevin Virta, below.

February 6, 2011

Brothers of Gamma Rho Chapter                                                                 Northwestern University                                                                                                The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Dear Brothers,

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on your 80th year as a chapter of our beloved Fraternity.  All of your members and alumni should be very proud.

As you know, Gamma Rho Chapter has produced numerous successful alumni who have given of their time and treasure at both the local and the national level. For that the Fraternity is eternally grateful.

Most importantly, of course, are the friendships that have been formed and sustained as a result of the chapter experience. The sharing and support given to each other is what the Fraternity is all about. To paraphrase, friendship is the sweetest influence.

Best wishes for a successful celebration and for continued success in advancing the principles and values embodied in our grand Fraternity.

Yours in φφκα,

Kevin E. Virta                                                                                                    International President

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