Election and Bylaw Vote Recap

Over 80 brothers and pledges met Sunday night to elect a new Executive Board which will be installed the first week of spring quarter. The winners for their respective positions are below. Congratulations to all those that ran in this year’s election – all the races were very close and the competition has immense benefits. The chapter is very excited to have this very experienced board and will be filling the remaining positions of VP for Recruitment, VP for Risk Awareness, Sargent-at-Arms, Member-at-Large, as well as all the chair positions in the coming weeks.

President – Patrick Schnettler (’10)
Internal VP – Michael Raab (’09)
External VP – Charlie Reis (’10)
Membership VP – Paul Huettner (’09)
VP of Finance – Vivan Som (’10)

Crucial bylaws were also passed today which increased the initiation fee to keep up with the perpetually rising fee set by Memorial Headquarters, increased the chapter deposit to encourage chapter attendance, and edited the recruitment job description to include both a Senior and Junior VP for Recruitment. PIKE Gamma Rho also made a huge stride today in implementing a chapter participation policy – aptly dubbed the “Fratstar” System – to establish a baseline requirement for chapter involvement and a way to quantitatively measure it. Over 12 categories will be compiled on a weekly basis by the Membership VP and presented to the chapter and displayed online. Members will be rewarded or referred to our Judicial Board based on their “Fratstar” ranking. The system is set to go in place at the beginning of spring quarter.

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