Pikes raises $42,964 at 2012 Northwestern Dance Marathon

During the first weekend in March, brothers and pledges of the Gamma Rho Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha danced for 30 straight hours in the Northwestern University Dance Marathon.

The 12 Gamma Rho brothers and five pledges teamed up to dance with the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The team raised more than $42,000, the second most money of any dancer group.

The 30 hours of dancing was the culmination of a brother-wide effort fundraising efforts in the past three months. The money raised went to support the Andrew McDonough B Positive Foundation, which provides financial support for childhood cancer research and emotional support for families with children who have cancer.

Brother Matthew Larsen (’10) did not dance on the Pi Kappa Alpha team, but took on a larger role in the event. He was a member of the Dance Marathon executive board, serving as the co-chairman of finance.

After dancing in his fourth straight Dance Marathon, Paul Huettner (’09) became a member of the prestigious 120-Hour Club.

For the last six hours of Dance Marathon, the Gamma Rho brothers and pledges were able to spend time with children in the Andrew McDonough B Positive Foundation.

The Gamma Rho brothers and pledges erupted in jubilation when the final fundraising total of $1,107,670 was announced.

The total was the highest ever in the event’s 38-year history at Northwestern.

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